Documentary | 10-20’ | In production

THE END takes a dazzling and disconcerting look at New Year's Eve, through the eyes of animals. Several pets, wild animals and livestock are the protagonists during the night that, for them, is the most terrifying of the year. As humans prepare for a night of fun, festivities and fireworks, they seem bafflingly unaware that each year, they leave thousands upon thousands or their animal companions in desperate panic. As humans herald in the new year with deafening bangs and dazzling showers of colors; dogs, cats, birds and other animals fear for – and sometimes lose – their lives.

THE END is a coproduction with Dieren Bescherming Nederland, Amsterdams Fonds voor de KunstStichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn, Mevrouw de Advocaat, De Koninklijke Hondenbescherming, World Animal Protection, Stichting Abri Voor Dieren, and Stichting Dier & Recht. The film is also made possible by the A-38 Stipendium from Kasseler Dokfest and all the donors at our Voordekunst crowdfunding campaign

Director & Producer: Sebastian Mulder