Fashion film | 3’ | 2018 | Commisioned by Johannes Offerhaus

In 2017, Sebastian Mulder was invited to convey in film Johannes Offerhaus’ project ‘An Experiment with Parabolas’ at Studio 8 in Amsterdam. Offerhaus’ collection is inspired by the parabola as a mathematical equation and consists of five outfits plus five art installations. The installations are set in motion by the models, and as such they are complementary to the clothing. Offerhaus regards his work as a large research project into form and movement, in which wearable clothing does not have to be the (only) end product.

Collection: Johannes Offerhaus
Director: Sebastian Mulder
Director of Photography: Maxime Brun
Editing: Erik Wiedenhof & Goos van den Berg & Sebastian Mulder
Grading: Goos van den Berg
Showproduction: Diek Pothoven
Styling: Cissel Dubbick
Hair & Make Up: Mandy Nijland
Music: Alex Kassian
Technique: Stefan Prokop & Jurlights
Models: Cissel Dubbick & Sanne Hofste & Adama Jobe & Jamy-Lee & Anouk Broekhuizen


Online premiere at Glamcult
Dutch Design Award